Skyline enterprises

Market research and feasibility study for the development of a new tourist attraction project with F&B spaces located in the town of Benidorm.

Mr. Fabio De Vero delivered a piece of work for us for a new opportunity in Spain. The report and information was brilliant and I would highly recommend him for any consultancy work.

Danny Luke. General Manager International Development, Skyline Enterprises

The F&B project has been successful in its initial stages thanks to the collaboration of Fabio, who has demonstrated great knowledge and analytical spirit. His ability to anticipate needs and develop the appropriate formula has been crucial in a project where the F&B component plays a fundamental role. In addition, his approach has always been focused on the customer experience, which has allowed for the creation of a comprehensive and effective strategy for the project.

Jesús Bayarri Romar. Project Manager, Adolfo Rodríguez Arquitectos

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