Some frequently asked questions. Contact us for further details.

As a strategic and operational consulting firm with specific expertise in the hospitality and restaurant industry, we are your primary partner to support you in the process of professionalization and expansion of your business, address potential profitability issues, or assess the economic feasibility of new projects.

We provide customized quotes based on the specific needs of each client or project. Furthermore, we offer an online consulting service to assist you in the continuous improvement of your hospitality business’s operational results or to provide guidance for new investment projects.

For custom consulting projects, the standard rate per consultant ranges between €680 and €840 per day, excluding any potential travel expenses. The budget depends on the scope of the project, and the hiring of our services should be viewed as an investment in the medium and long term. We can guarantee that, compared to the results generated, we are likely a very profitable investment.

The first consultation can be scheduled via video conference. Occasionally, when the project requires it, we arrange an initial in-person visit at no additional cost, and in such cases, we request reimbursement for travel expenses.

Once we have understood the scope of the project and discussed the client’s objectives, we will provide the quote within a maximum of 48 hours.