Profesional Consultancy – Online.

Achieve peak professional performance with our online consultancy sessions.

The Online Consultancy service is designed to empower your hospitality business while providing you with the necessary expertise to confidently tackle challenges and lead your company professionally.

  • 1 personalized 45-minute video conference.


Marek Lekki

Healthy Meals Delivery Service

“I had a real pleasure to work with Fabio during a research project on the F&B market in Spain. Thanks to his support we were able to collect and analyze market data and present concrete recommendations on the researched topic”

Adria Guiu

Doméstico Shop

“Cuando acudes a un consultor pretendes encontrar atajos , evitar errores gracias a su experiencia e ir mas directo al objetivo sin malgastar tiempo y recursos . Con ese enfoque contratamos los servicios de FDV y fue lo que recibimos”

Marijan Tamarut

Croacia Investment

“I had a chance to work with Fabio in investigating a potential hospitality project in Croatia. I was very happy with the dedication he showed for a project of a more modest size and the patience and understanding he has showed when dealing with potential clients who are novices in the industry”

Joan Angli Sallares

Grup Victòria

“Podemos empezar diciendo que contratar a Fabio fue todo un acierto. Conoce perfectamente su trabajo, sabe realizarlo a la perfección y especialmente el trabajar con objetivos claros y alcanzables”

Danny Luke

Skyline International

“Fabio delivered a piece of work for us for a new opportunity in Spain. The report and information was brilliant and I would highly recommend him for any consultancy work”

Luis-Raúl Valdez Saavedra

Private Investor

“We engaged Fabio to support us for a complex feasibility studies of a new restaurant in Madrid. Besides being an expert in the F&B industry, he proved to be also an expert in financial analysis and forecasting. His presentation skills were flawless and to the point

Isabel Omar

Medina Mayrit

“Tuvimos el privilegio de ser coordinados por Fabio De Vero, una persona que tiene, inspira y genera creatividad; capaz, reflexiva y con gran motivación al logro”

Liliana Bugallo Batallán

Il Caffè di Roma

“Experto en optimizar la gestión de cualquier punto de restauración , realista en el planteamiento de los objetivos y eficaz en la consecución de los mismos. Conoce muy bien el mercado y sabe relacionarse con profesionalidad y eficacia”

Daniel Sánchez Montero

Balius Bar

“Excelente profesionalidad y atención al detalle. Solventó de manera clara y eficiente las dudas que tenia a la hora de afrontar con total seguridad una negociación empresarial”

Dario Lombardi

Vrutal Group

“I hired Fabio as consultant to help me revamp a bar/restaurant I had recently acquired. He set a very precise plan and in a very short period of time he was able to identify the critical points to make sure that resources were invested properly”

Jesús Sánchez Soler

Taller de Tapas

“Fabio es un profesional serio, que inspiraba confianza y mucha credibilidad. Es una persona integra, con don de gentes y con una gran capacidad en la gestión de equipos”

Sergi Simó Izquierdo


“Fabio es un gran profesional que nos ha ayudado a desarrollar nuestro negocio de hostelería desde cero. Transmite seguridad en todo lo que hace y demuestra tener una clara visión de los negocios de hostelería”

Giuseppe Valerio Villecco

Blu Bar Poblenou

“Fabio has demonstrated his great experience as food consultant for bars and restaurants, after a short investigation he could give us the tools and has identified the right strategy for us”

Carlos Cerezo Ruiz

Franquiciado Lavazza

“Las experiencias que he tenido profesionalmente con Fabio han sido realmente buenas. Es una persona extremadamente profesional, con mucho conocimiento de la gestíon en hostelería”

Yatrick Oukabay

Surya Restaurants

“Excellent follow up on an audit done brilliantly. Fabio was hands on, precise, straight to the point. His knowledge and hard work helped us make difficult decisions in these challenging times”

Target audience

  • Business owners actively pursuing long-term, environmentally conscious growth for their companies.
  • Entrepreneurs poised to tackle new challenges with a commitment to approaching the industry with a high level of professionalism.
  • Seasoned professionals within the restaurant industry, aspiring to elevate and refine their leadership prowess.
  • Independent F&B consultants seeking to enhance their professionalism and optimize their effectiveness in their work.

Frequent topics

  • Effective P&L and Professional Analysis: Design a profit and loss (P&L) statement that details the financial reality to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.
  • Essentials of a Business Plan: Your business plan should include a solid executive summary, market analysis, a detailed operational plan, and realistic financial projections.
  • Assessing Transfer Opportunities: Evaluate the viability of a business transfer, considering the necessary investment and return on investment (ROI). Conduct a thorough analysis to make informed decisions.
  • Market Research and Competition Analysis: Conduct a detailed study of the local market and analyze the competition. Identify gaps where you can excel and address unmet needs.
  • Leadership Skills Development: Strengthen your leadership skills to improve productivity and foster conflict resolution and team empowerment.
  • Support for Restaurant Consultants: If you are involved in consultancy, you can refine your skills and gain a deep understanding of market dynamics.


Each Online Consultancy session lasts for 45 minutes and is focused on providing practical and straightforward solutions to questions regarding strategic, operational, and financial aspects in the foodservice and hospitality industry. Please note that we do not address engineering, tax, or labor-related topics that involve specific knowledge of local legislations.


  • Provide your contact information
  • Proceed to payment of €280 (including VAT)
  • Receive confirmation via email
  • Schedule your Online Consultancy via Calendly

Cancellation policy

The service is non-refundable. However, if you need to make changes to the date and/or time of the consultancy session, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance. In such a case, we will be happy to make the change free of charge.