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Hotel guests will demand something quick and efficient that doesn’t take up too much of their work time.

If you’re going to spend a long time away from home, your priorities regarding food change completely, comments Fabio De Vero, who also mentions the rise of delivery and pick-up services in hotels. [full article in Spanish]

The lack of travelers prompts accommodations to explore other sources of business.

It is essential to have a clear understanding of the profile of these customers when designing offers. ‘We have to think about how they live at home and offer them something better,’ says Fabio De Vero, founder of the consulting firm FDV. [full article in Spanish]

The lobby becomes the star of the hotel. They are no longer designed exclusively for guests.

Before, the hotel bar and restaurant were seen as an expense that was difficult to make profitable, but that has changed,” explains Fabio De Vero. […] Many operators are giving up room space in favor of common areas. [full article in Spanish]

Business plan for starting a restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Realism and entrepreneurial spirit is what another expert, Fabio De Vero, founder of FDV, recommends. He recently published the annual report ‘Food Service Trends.’ He emphasizes the sector’s ability to adapt, which will never be the same as before.” [full article in Spanish]

What you should control if you work in the hospitality industry. The importance of management through KPIs.

The company is adopting a new management model that, based on data, allows for decision-making, forecasting routes, and reaching the goal with primarily objective criteria… explains Fabio De Vero, founder of the restaurant consultancy FDV, which has been applying KPI-based management for years.” [full article in Spanish]

“The low-cost F&B concepts. The difficult balance between quality and price.”

Low-cost is a very versatile concept that attracts investors and consumers,” says Fabio De Vero, a consultant specializing in the design and optimization of hospitality and restaurant businesses. “Market sensitivity has changed, and these models fit the demand.” In his opinion, anything no longer works in the hospitality sector. [full article in Spanish]

10 ideas to reinvent your bar or restaurant for the reopening.

The hospitality industry already has its roadmap towards the ‘new normal’, but many businesses, restaurants, and bars will need to reinvent themselves. This is the belief of Fabio De Vero, a consultant for large hospitality projects, who exclusively offers a ten-point plan for success […] [full article in Spanish]

“Unleash the host in you. There’s a hotelier in every Spaniard.”

Many entrepreneurs decide to make a living in the hospitality industry, but sometimes they underestimate the challenges of managing an increasingly professionalized business. That’s the belief of Fabio De Vero, an advisor for major hospitality projects. The first piece of advice he offers is to work on… [full article in Spanish]

The importance of proper business strategy in family-owned businesses

Interview on Cadena Ser – Radio Ibiza, with Fabio De Vero, international expert in hospitality business vision, about the professionalization of family-owned companies operating in the restaurant sector. [full interview in Spanish]

Let’s talk about strategies and scenarios on D-Day.

Interview with Fabio De Vero, co-founder of FDV, on the professional outlook for the post-Covid-19 future in the restaurant sector. The main changes in business strategy and their impact on the bottom line.[full interview in Spanish]

Is your restaurant attractive to investment funds?

Do you want to sell your independent restaurant or chain for a fortune and retire to enjoy life in Cancun? When you read this article, you will know [full interview in Spanish]

How to select the right employee profile for your restaurant? The debate is on.

In Barra de Ideas, we share our philosophy of the need to bet on professional profiles capable of supporting companies in achieving their short and medium-term objectives.[full interview in Spanish]

How has the restaurant industry reacted to COVID-19?

[…] Fabio De Vero, head of the consulting firm FDV, believes that this context is being seized by those companies that had included delivery as a well-integrated part of their business model. [full article in Spanish]

Interview with Fabio De Vero, FDV Consulting

For several years now, the hospitality sector has faced the challenge of adapting to current market trends, such as digitization and sustainability, among others. It is a sector of great importance in our country, both in terms of employment generation and its volume of business. [full article in Spanish]

The art of creating restaurants and its artists.

In RadioKanal, interview by Luis Enrique De Buen Maldonado with Fabio De Vero, co-founder of FDV, about the key factors for achieving success in the hospitality business.[full interview in Spanish]

On RadioKanal, an interview by Luis Enrique De Buen Maldonado with Fabio De Vero, co-founder of FDV, discussing the importance of conveying brand values in the restaurant industry.[full interview in Spanish]