F&B Trends e-Report 2024.

The most relevant trends in the hospitality and restaurant industry at your fingertips.

Our 2024 F&B Trends e-Report is a crucial tool for hospitality and restaurant professionals, offering strategic insights to anticipate changes and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

“Now is the moment to confront the profound changes occurring in the world and recognize the critical importance for businesses to align their products and services accordingly.”

It aims to

  • Business Owners: Facilitates strategic adjustments, improvements in offerings, and anticipation of changes in demand, enabling business owners to maintain competitiveness and optimize profitability.
  • Entrepreneurs: Provides a clear understanding of trends, helping entrepreneurs identify opportunities and develop innovative concepts from the outset of their projects.
  • Industry Professionals: Supplies key information to stay updated, enhance skills, and adapt to changing demands, contributing to growth and success in their roles.
  • Independent consultants: Offers a solid foundation of data and analysis to support specialized recommendations, strengthening the position of consultants as experts in the food and beverage (F&B) industry.

Included items

  • Introduction to the main global industry trends
  • 9 macro trends divided into 3 categories: consumer, market, and product
  • 30 real success cases at the international level
  • To-do list to bring your business up to date


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