Economic Promotion Area. Municipality of Calella

Calella, Spain

Support programs for local businesses and entrepreneurs within the F&B industry for technological adaptation and the implementation of the digital environment.

Client review

I highly value people who commit to others’ projects, generating empathy and shared responsibility. Fabio De Vero is one of them. The transition from theory to practice, the ability to manage day-to-day challenges and find viable solutions and “exits,” especially in the business field, often becomes an impossible task, something like a “quantum leap” for many organizations. Yet, he makes it seem easy, always seeking that necessary complicity of accompanying you in the project. He doesn’t just ask questions but verifies hypotheses, envisions scenarios, and guides actions toward results, both in the short, medium, and long term. This is what true consultancy is all about.

Fabio Valbonesi Prieto
Economic Development, Municipality of Calella

Scope of work

Calella is a coastal tourist town located in Maresme, known for its commitment to technological innovation. In line with the municipality’s program to promote technological advancement, initiatives have been implemented to professionalize the tourism and hospitality industry. FDV has been selected as a provider of specialized consulting services to promote the adaptation and implementation of the digital environment within the restaurant sector.

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