Board Advisor

The External Advisor service for hospitality companies involves having an independent and experienced expert in the field of hospitality who provides strategic advice and makes decisions on behalf of the company on issues related to business management and growth. Here are the key aspects of this service:

The Board Advisor actively participates in making crucial decisions for the business. These decisions can range from financial decisions such as investments and budgets to operational and personnel decisions.

They help identify and manage the risks facing the hospitality company, from financial risks to regulatory compliance and security issues.

The External Advisor often has an extensive network of contacts in the hospitality industry, which can be valuable for establishing strategic collaborations, finding reliable suppliers, and accessing business opportunities.

They provide mentoring and professional development to the senior management and executive team of the company. This contributes to the growth and development of internal leaders.

In situations of crisis or unexpected challenges, the External Advisor brings experience in crisis management and can offer effective solutions.

Being independent from the company, the External Advisor offers an impartial and objective perspective, which can help avoid biased decisions or decisions based on personal interests.

They assist in succession planning, ensuring a smooth transition in the company’s leadership when necessary.

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