Why online consultancy?

The online consultancy is ideal for restaurant owners and investors to solve specific issues about business strategy and profitability within foodservice industry.


To whom?

  • Entrepreneurs who need to enhance the performance of their businesses, through a professional approach in the financial and strategic field.
  • Investors who want to set up and / or acquire a restaurant business and need access to a professional consultancy session, thus avoiding basic investment mistakes.


    The online restaurant consulting session lasts 45 mins and is aimed at solving in a practical and simplistic way, all those specific doubts that need a professional view with the focus on the foodservice industry.
    For other types of consultancy services & projects you can consult the services page.

Frequent Answers & Questions

  • How can I carry out a market analysis or conduct a competition analysis?
  • How do I design an economic feasibility plan and how can I calculate the ROI?
  • I have seen a business for sale, how can I assess if it is a good opportunity?
  • How can I calculate the specific economic ratios of my foodservice business?
  • How can I reduce operating expenses, improving the restaurant’s efficiency?
  • Is it possible to manage and control my foodservice business remotely, how can I achieve it?
  • How do I apply the correct sales prices based on my costs and competitors?
  • What is the exact formula to know my food and beverage cost?


  • Select the day and time
  • Enter your contact details
  • Choose the type of video conference
  • Proceed with payment – € 280 VAT included
  • Receive confirmation by email


    If for any reason, you need to modify the date and time of the online consultancy, you must indicate it at least 48 hours in advance. In this case the change in planning will be out of charge.