Callejero Das Ruas. Modern Taqueria

Porto, Portugal

Strategic and financial advisory to drive the expansion of the Taquería Callejero project.

Client review

We appreciate FDV for helping us see things clearly and teaching us everything necessary for the healthy growth of the Callejero project. It has been a pleasure to have Fabio De Vero as a consultant, for his expertise and, above all, for his human touch, which is priceless.

Laura Flores
Co-Founder, Callejero

Scope of work

Callejero, an authentic Mexican food spot in the charming neighborhood of Oliveiras in Oporto, aspires to bring its taqueria concept to new corners of the city. With this ambitious goal, the company has enlisted the consulting services of FDV to elevate strategic and financial management to professional levels, thus driving the future expansion project.

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