Pantea Group. Chaka Khan Gastro Bar

Barcelona, Spain

Design of the gastronomic concept, menu engineering, supervision of the kitchen area zoning project, and operational support during the start-up phase.

Client review

We have reached the goal we had set and even exceeded it thanks to your great team’s work. Therefore, we only have words of gratitude for the FDV team for the dedication shown in such a demanding project as Chaka Khan. We want to congratulate you for all the work and effort put in. It gratifies us to know that we have professionals capable of accompanying us in such culinary adventures, where the combination of creativity with business rigor is so present. Professionalism, wisdom, youth, and empathy, the perfect combination.

Pantea Pishkoohani
Managing Director, Pantea Group

Scope of work

The Pantea Group, a Barcelona-based restaurant company, has carried out the ambitious project of Chaka Khan Exotique Gastro Bar, which blends Latin, Asian, and African cuisine into a unique restaurant. FDV was hired to execute the comprehensive project for the kitchen area. In this project, FDV conducted extensive research on culinary trends, designed the F&B strategy including menu engineering, and supported the Pantea Group during the pre-opening and start-up phases.