Nuria. Restaurant Group

Barcelona, Spain

Financial audit, strategic consulting, planning and implementation of the business restructuring project.

Client review

The key to the success of our collaboration with FDV was allowing them to become part of the organization and make decisions from within. Mr. Fabio De Vero is a great professional, rigorous, and technical. Empathetic and flexible when necessary. We will definitely continue working with him in the future.

Marcel Cortadellas
Managing Director, Nuria Group

Scope of work

The Nuria is an iconic restaurant in Barcelona with nearly 100 years of history, dating back to its founding in 1926. It is located on the famous Rambla de las Flores in Barcelona. After a renovation of the space that did not achieve the expected results, the Nuria Group hired the strategic consulting services of FDV to revitalize the new business project and maximize sales and profitability. FDV was responsible for conducting a comprehensive strategic consulting work, which included a financial audit of the business, a review of the corporate structure, and the implementation of an updated business model in terms of both strategic and operational aspects.