Beleavers Group. Vegan Restaurants

Barcelona, Spain

Financial audit, corporate business plan, and design of the long-term business strategy.

Client review

I hired Fabio as consultant in 2017 to help me revamp a bar/restaurant I had recently acquired. He set a very precise plan and in a very short period of time he was able to identify the critical points to make sure that resources were invested properly. Thanks to his numerical driven approach I was quickly able to set the business on a profitable path and follow it as it developed. Fabio is very hard work and extremely driven; both qualities were fundamental to implement radical changes to a business that had existed for almost 10 years. I highly recommend Fabio to both start a bar/restaurant from scratch or revamp an existing business.

Dario Lombardi
Business Partner, Beleavers Restaurants

Scope of work

Beleavers Restaurants is a restaurant group specialized in vegan cuisine. As part of its corporate restructuring plan, the company needed to reorganize itself more efficiently to tackle new challenges. FDV was hired to develop a corporate restructuring project and to assist Blu Bar in defining its corporate vision, as well as setting specific objectives and strategies to achieve them. This plan has focused on identifying potential markets, analyzing the competition, defining product lines, and establishing a financial strategy to increase the business’s profitability. Recently, Blu Bar was awarded by TripAdvisor as the second-best vegan restaurant in the world for the year 2023.