Skyline Enterprises. Leisure & Entertainment

Benidorm, Spain

Market research and feasibility study for the development of a new F&B project located in the tourist town of Benidorm.

Project in collaboration with Adolfo Rodríguez Architects.

Client review

Fabio De Vero delivered a report for a new opportunity in Spain. The report and information provided were outstanding, and I would highly recommend him for any consulting work.

Danny Luke
General Manager International Development, Skyline Enterprises

The F&B project has seen early success thanks to the collaboration of Fabio, who has demonstrated profound knowledge and analytical acumen. His ability to anticipate needs and develop the right formula has been crucial in a project where the F&B component plays a fundamental role. Moreover, his focus has consistently been on the number-driven and customer experience, enabling the creation of a comprehensive and effective strategy for the project.

Jesús Bayarri Romar
Project Manager, Adolfo Rodríguez Architects

Scope of work

Skyline Enterprises, an esteemed New Zealand-based company recognized for its expertise in delivering gravity-related leisure and entertainment experiences, is venturing into a new project near the Sierra Helada Natural Park in Benidorm. This exciting initiative details the construction of a cable car and dining space. In a strategic move to ensure the success of the Food & Beverage (F&B) area within this development, Skyline Enterprises has engaged the consulting services of FDV. Their collaborative efforts have been focused on crafting a detailed business plan and formulating a strategic hospitality concept. The resulting document has provided valuable insights, encompassing market information, competitive analysis, and meticulous P&L forecasting. This comprehensive information has also facilitated well-informed decision-making and has enabled a thorough assessment of the project’s financial feasibility.