Share Festival. Music & Solidarity

Barcelona, Spain

Strategic consultancy for the F&B area, encompassing beverage stands and food trucks, along with an analysis of the performance of business units.

Client review

We are very satisfied with the quality of service provided by FDV and their team. Fabio De Vero is proactive, responsible, and highly results-oriented, always ready to devote all his energy and time to the job. He has an excellent analytical vision and is a very charismatic leader. We will certainly use his services for future editions of the Share Festival.

Stefano Maccarone
Managing Director, Share Festival

Scope of work

The Share Festival is a music and solidarity event that has taken place annually in Barcelona since the summer of 2018. The main theme of the festival revolves around happiness and offers two main paths to achieve it: through music and solidarity. To ensure the success of the festival’s food and beverage offerings, FDV has been hired to provide strategic advisory services and analyze the sales results of the various F&B spaces.